Saturday, 1 March 2014

Weekly Update 1/3/2014

Probably the most significant education story this week was the DfE "persuading" E-ACT, one of the largest academy chains, to find new sponsors for ten of their academies. Jonn Elledge's analysis is here and Robert Hill wrote an excellent blog about the wider significance of this move.

Meanwhile Liz Truss has been in Shanghai with a group of headteachers. Chris Husbands offered an excellent explanation of why they're flavour of the month at the moment.

And the long-awaited teacher workforce survey was published. David Weston picked out the most salient points. For me the most revealing chart was this one showing the difference of opinion between heads and classroom teachers in what would improve the quality of teaching and learning (respondents could choose up to three options).

Also this week two of my favourite blogs for a while. A superb post from Harry Fletcher-Wood on what it takes to make CPD effective and Rob Peal taking apart three Guardian articles (the middle one of which is a real shocker).

Other Highlights

David Didau on a surplus model of performance management

Kris Boulton asks "what is teaching?"

Kate Chhatwal on sexism in headteacher appointments

John Tomsett on the trouble with education research

Micon Metcalfe on the practicalities of getting rid of lesson grades

A nice bit of polemic from Valerie Strauss on why people who think they know what teacher do, don't

Dan Willingham on why you shouldn't hire like google and why fluid intelligence isn't trainable

Horatio Speaks on identifying and stopping the saboteur pupil

Harry Webb with a good summary of arguments for knowledge-based curricula

New Sutton Trust research on changes in admissions policy (and Conor Ryan's blog on the report)

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